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Ready to choose your hardwood flooring, but not sure where to begin? Our selector tool can help with just a few simple questions to start you on your way.
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How the selector works

Finding the right species of wood is often the hardest part of choosing a hardwood floor. Our selector will ask you a few key questions to help narrow down the species most suitable your needs and preferences.

As you move through the questions, species that that are not a good fit will disappear, leaving only those woods most likely to offer the qualities you’re looking for. You can go back and change your selections at any time using the “next” and “previous” buttons on the selector.

Once the tool has identified the right woods for you, a PDF listing your ideal species will be provided to you. From there, your local hardwood dealer can help guide you the rest of the way.

Get Started
Get Started

1. How much are you willing to spend?
Every home improvement project has a budget, and most have a hardwood option to fit. Whether your goal is to maximize your flooring dollars or you are finally ready to splurge on the floor of your dreams, the choosing the right species will set you off on the right foot.
$ $$ $$$ $$$$
2. Traffic & usage
3. Look and feel
4. Color
5. What about board size?
African Padauk
African Padauk click for info
Ash click for info
Australian Cypress
Australian Cypress click for info
Bamboo click for info
Birch click for info
Black Cherry
Black Cherry click for info
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) click for info
Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)
Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) click for info
Cork click for info
Fir click for info
Hickory click for info
Jarrah click for info
Maple click for info
Merbau click for info
Mesquite click for info
Pecan click for info
Pine click for info
Purpleheart click for info
Red Oak
Red Oak click for info
Santos Mahogany
Santos Mahogany click for info
Teak click for info
Tigerwood click for info
Walnut click for info
Wenge click for info
White Oak
White Oak click for info
Zebrawood click for info

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Wood sample images provided by The Wood Database.